As part of our partnership with advertisers, we have strict influencer guidelines in place that must be followed by all members of The Plug. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a permanent closure of your Plug account.


  • Do use our ads: Unless you see an option to submit your own media, you must use the provided ad media for your campaigns. When submitting media you have to wait for it to be approved before using it. 

  • Do use testimonial ads: You are allowed to freely create and use testimonial ad videos of the products in our app for some campaigns. The media must be submitted and be approved through the app prior to use. 

  • Do make sure our ad tags are visible: The FTC requires all of our ads to include an ad tag. You must ensure these ad tags are visible on every Plug ad you share. Learn more about ad tags here.


  • No asking people to download to chat.

  • No send proof of download to receive a shoutout and/or DM.

  • No giveaways in exchange to download our apps.

  • No working with accounts you do not own to promote your links.

  • No misleading ads. This includes posting photos of your earnings and driving people to our apps.

  • No manufactured activity. This includes fake users, fake downloads or generally bad traffic. 

Failure to follow The Plugs guidelines will result in your account being disabled. 


Below are some examples of incentivizing downloads and are not allowed:


If you ever have any questions about our guidelines, please don't hesitate to let us know. We've got your back! 

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