When someone clicks on your Plug link and downloads the advertised app, the install is attributed to you.

Installs should come through an hour after the download is complete. In some cases, however, installs may not be attributed to your account.

Here are a few of the largest causes of installs not showing up:

  • Some iOS users have advertiser tracking disabled, making it harder for partners to "track" users through the App Store.

  • The followers that downloaded the app using your link may have already downloaded the app.

  • You incentivized the user in some way to download the app or told them to send you proof of them downloading the app. These installs will not count.

  • We limit the number of times and frequency that one user may download Plug apps to prevent fraud. You may not ask your followers to download the apps to help you out.

  • The campaign does not pay to the country or platform the download came from. Learn more here!

  • The followers that downloaded the app using your link may have seen and clicked on more than one ad for that app.

  • You are advertising a promotion that has already ended. We grant a grace period for every app to ensure you have time to take down your posts.

  • The promotion was removed from your account, but you are still running it.

In addition to these common issues, the attribution happens through a process called Device Fingerprinting. This attribution process is not done by The Plug, but rather by our apps Measurement Partners (Adjust, Kochava, Tenjin, Appsflyer, etc). This process is not 100% accurate. Unfortunately, there is nothing the Plug can do to fix this.

Why are installs delayed?

As of iOS 15, installs in the Plug will begin coming through in batches every hour instead of in real-time. This is due to iOS 15's new privacy features and is affecting the whole industry. If you have a post up and are not seeing installs come through, please leave your post up and wait 1 hour to see if they show up.

That said, we don’t want to leave our creators without any data on how an ad is performing. We know how important the testing period is, and we are going to share metrics around clicks to learn how your followers are interacting with an ad.

To help monitor your promotions, you can track clicks and installs by hour by tapping the View Clicks button in the Installs section of the Notifications tab.

Still need help? Get in touch with us here and we'll be happy to help!

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