Whenever you advertise for one of your Plug campaigns, you'll need a link to share alongside it. In the Plug, we have a unique link for each piece of ad media you might be sharing and it's important that you use the correct link. Here's how to find the right one.

In the Plug app, you can head to the "Plugs" tab to see all available campaigns we have for you. Under each campaign is an array of different ad medias we have available for you to use. 

Here, under each ad, you'll see two icons: a link and a download icon. Tap the download icon to save the media for us, and then tap the link icon to copy the link you'll want to share with your followers.

Sometimes you might find yourself using a few different pieces of ad media. In this case, we ask that you use the link for the ad that is displayed first in the carousel and visible from the timeline. 

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