Before you can cashout with the Plug, you'll first need to earn 400 Plugcoins. Once you've earned 400+ Plugcoins, to cash out your Plug balance, you'll need to get setup with an account in our payment system. 

Here's a walkthrough of getting your payment account setup, as well as for updating your existing information. 

Cashing out for the first time

  1. Head to your Profile tab of the Plug app, then select Cash out
  2. Verify the email address you'd like us to send an email to with a link to setup your cash out infromation
  3. Open your email, find our message, and click the link; This should walk you through setting up your cash out information. (If you're having trouble just select "Need Help? Take our Tax form Questionnaire" found at the bottom of the screen)
  4. Please submit the proper tax forms via this setup process; failure to supply the required tax document(s) will prevent you from being able to cash out. 
  5. Once you're all setup, you can request a cash out from your Plug app by selecting Cash out

Updating your cash out information

  1. Head to your Profile tab within the Plug app (lower right tab)
  2. Tap the settings cog in the upper right, then select Go to Plug payments
  3. Login with your Plug payment email/password
  4. Here, you can update your cashout information, supply us with any updated tax forms, etc. 

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