When sharing through the Plug, you might notice that every ad includes a little watermark on it like Jetfuel.it Ad. These tags are more important than they might seem and critically required on every Plug ad you share. 

By law, the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) requires ad tags to be displayed on every ad as a way of helping consumers better understand what is (and isn't) a paid advertisement. Due to this, failure to include our ad tag on a published ad can result in suspension or closure of your Plug account.

When sharing your Plug ads, please make sure that there is a visible, uncropped ad tag displayed to prevent any interruption in your Plug account access.  

In the event you find an ad in the Plug which does not have an ad tag showing, please notify us immediately and DO NOT use that ad media

Ad tags and Link Tree

If you are using a Link Tree, it is important that you disclose the links in your Link Tree as ads

To do this, please ensure the following: 

  •  Your Link Tree ONLY contains links, no text describing your games/telling your followers to download. 
  • You have #ad in your Instagram bio above your Link Tree link

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us, anytime, and we'll be happy to help! 

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