When you share an ad with the Plug, you might notice a hashtag #ad or watermark Jetfuel.it Ad. These tags are known as ad tags and are a requirement set by the US Federal Trade Commission. We understand that Ad tags can seem confusing or even a little scary so this help center is here to help you navigate the new opportunities of advertising as a social media influencer while remaining compliant to FTC guidelines.

What’s an ad?

There is a difference between your creative content and your ad content. This means that as soon as you start advertising an app, you need to display an ad tag. This includes calls for action such as “swipe up to download” or “click the link in my bio” and every time you call an app something other than its name. We did say it can be confusing!

For example, if you advertise the Plug and call it “the best way to monetize your audience” then you need to add an ad tag.


  • You should always use an ad tag on your ad content itself whether it’s a video or a photo. When submitting or downloading media, you will have the choice between different ad tags.

  • Always make sure that the ad tag is clear and visible once the ad is live. It can sometimes be cropped out or hidden by a button or a feature in the app.

  • If you are using Linktree, use an ad tag whenever you refer to the app by anything else but its name.


Can I use a hashtag #ad?

Yes, you should always have a hashtag ad within the ad content itself. It should be clear and easy to spot. As such, you can’t have the hashtag in a random group of hashtags.

Can I use another word instead of "ad" ?

Yes, you can use the "sponsored" or "paid partnership" for as long as it is clear that you are being paid. Please don't use abbreviations or words that are too vague such as "collab".

Can these guidelines change in the future?

Yes, these guidelines are created by the FTC. Their role is to advocate for consumers, in this case your followers, to understand what is and what is not the result of a paid partnership. It’s always best to keep up to date with FTC regulations. You can find their website here and their latest guidelines for influencers here.

What will happen if I forget the ad tag?

Our Trust and Safety team reviews live ads and they will contact you to make sure you understand this guideline.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us, anytime, and we'll be happy to help! 

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