Custom Links in the Plug are a streamlined way to track your downloads on a per-link basis allowing you to create multiple custom URLs per campaign so you can track how you're performing by account.

How it works

  1. Head to the Campaigns tab within the Plug app and select the Campaign you want to run.

  2. From the campaign details page, right under the payout information, you should see a new Custom Links section. Tap the + button to create a new one.

  3. Here, you'll need to select which ad you're going to be running because every Custom Link is ad-dependent.

  4. Lastly, give your Custom Link a name so you can easily recognize it in your Analytics (this name won't be public).

  5. To access your Custom Links, just tap the Custom Links to see a list of all your links.

Got your Custom Links out in the wild? That's awesome! From here, you probably want to see how they're doing.

To see how each of your links are performing, you can head to the Analytics tab in the Plug. Here, you'll see your custom links showing alongside your regularly run Campaigns listed by their names.

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