Looking for a way to give your Plug ads a boost? One technique we've seen Creators have success with is advertising through carousel timeline posts with Plug ads as the second or third slide. This helps drive lots of traffic through the first piece of media, while allowing you to advertise at the same time. 

What is a carousel post? 

A carousel post is a timeline post on Instagram that features more than one image/video. You create these just like a normal timeline post on Instagram, along the way hitting "select multiple" to pick multiple pieces of media at once. Learn more about carousel posts here.

Getting the right caption

Once you have your post, you'll need to make sure your caption points viewers in the right direction. We've seen a lot of creators have success starting their caption with something like, Second Slide 👉 to draw attention to the ad itself. 

Using comment cards can help further boost your post

In addition to carousel posts, we've seen creators have even more success by adding a comment card which tells your viewers to comment/like your post. This can really boost your post's engagement and earnings even further! 

To do this, as your third or fourth slide, you can add an image that tells viewers to like your post or comment. 

Don't forget about the ad tag

As a reminder, all Plug ads are required to feature a clear, visible ad tag. These ad tags are on the ad media itself and must be clearly visible on your post. Learn more about ad tags here


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