Submitting custom ads are an awesome way to not only increase your conversion rate, but also boost your earnings with a 5% commission. Before you can start earning, though, there are a few steps that have to happen first.

Custom Ad Submission Flow 

Here is the process for each custom ad submitted in the Plug:

  1. Submit your ad to us for review

  2. We'll review your ad (usually within 24 hours M-F)

  3. If the ad meets all our requirements, and breaks no rules, the ad will be approved.

  4. Once approved, you can find your approved ad in the Yours ad tab within the Plug. You are allowed to start using it once it shows here! 

  5. If you selected the option to earn 5% commission, your ad will NOT be immediately available within the app for others yet. Next, our team will have to do a series of testing on the ad to see if it performs well enough to be added to the app. If it performs well, you will be notified that the ad is also available within the app and that you'll earn the 5% commission. 

The testing period can sometimes take 1-2 weeks, depending on how many ads we're testing. Please check in with our team if it's been longer than 10 days and we'll be happy to give you a status update. 😄 

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