Welcome to the Plug! Let's walk through how you can earn per-install. You can also check out our video walkthrough here 🎉

Here's what to do:

  1. Choose a Campaign: Look through the Campaigns tab to select your first campaign, then click Promote!

  2. Choose your ad: Follow the prompts to repost an ad or make your own.

    • Repost Ad: If you are reposting an ad, use the filters to help you find your favorite! You can post these without waiting for approval.

    • Make Your Own Ad: For more information on submitting your own custom media, check here.

  3. Download the media and copy your link.

  4. Share: Head to your social account to post the media and add the link to your Link in Bio or Story! Remember to double-check that the ad tag is clear and visible after posting.

Looking to increase your earnings?

We understand that you want to make the most out of the Plug, and it has never been easier. Here's our best advice, by network:

👉 I'm an Instagram or Snapchat Creator: Click here for our best advice on earning the most through Instagram and Snapchat.

👉 I'm a TikTok Creator: Click here for our best advice on making the most through TikTok.

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