The Trust and Safety team has the responsibility to enforce our guidelines. Most of our efforts revolve around offering guidance when a creator breaks the rules but sometimes we have to go as far as disabling someone’s account. There are various reasons why we would remove an account but these cases are very unusual.

Whenever it is possible, we give creators the possibility to return within guidelines. We can add a notification to a Plug account to start a conversation with you. More often than not, creators just get a notification asking to update their accounts or to add an ad tag to their ads-media. While these actions might appear automated, a member of our team is always ready to jump in to answer any questions creators may have or offer extra guidance.

In rare situations, the team might decide to disable a Plug account. These are some of the most common reasons:

  • We detected fraudulent activities.

  • A creator breached our guidelines more than once

  • A creator is driving traffic from non-English speaking countries.

In these cases, creators will receive a message from the Trust and Safety team informing them of the situation. If the decision is not fair, we have a process for appeal and reinstatement.

Appeal: After we disabled a page, a creator can contact our team to appeal the decision. This is not an easy process given that our team reviews content 24/7 and only takes the decision to remove a creator when we have enough evidence to do so. If a creator wants to appeal a decision they will have to provide more context around why they breached our guidelines and how they are going to move forward if we give them a second chance. There are also cases when our team might make a mistake, but to win an appeal, the creator should be able to prove they did not breach our guidelines.

Reinstatement: If a Plug account was disabled in the past and a creator would like to have it reinstated, they can contact us at with information on what has changed since the removal. This is especially true for accounts disabled because they were not driving English speaking traffic. If a creator has since grown their audience to more English speaking followers, we would be more than happy to welcome them back.

If you were affected by a removal, before your contact us, please take the time to think about why your account was disabled. These decisions are never taken lightly but we will be open to discuss our decisions.

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