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How can I refer someone to the Plug?
How can I refer someone to the Plug?

More information about copying your referral link.

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The Plug's referral program is a great way to introduce other Creators to our platform and as an added benefit, you can earn a 10% referral bonus based on earnings in their first 12 months!

Where is my referral link?

Please follow these steps to copy your referral link:

  1. Head to the Profile tab in the Plug app.

  2. Select the Bonus tab, and scroll to the Referral Bonus heading.

  3. Copy and Share your unique referral link.

Please note, applying with a referral link does not guarantee approval.

Where is my referral bonus?

Referral bonuses are paid on Monday of each week, and you can track your referral earnings in the Analytics tab under the Referral Earnings header.

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