For most Plug campaigns, you can submit custom ads and if approved, earn 5% commission for the first month if you allow others to use the media!

Let’s breakdown how to submit custom ads in the Plug app.

Which campaigns accept custom ads?

Under the Campaigns tab, you'll see campaigns that are available to you. Campaigns that have the large Submit Your Media (+) button are open to custom ad submissions!

What are the media rules?

Media Rules vary by campaign and it is important to check them before creating your custom ad! You can find the media rules by tapping the campaign and scrolling down to the Media Rules heading.

There are also example Scripts, Assets, and Captions for inspiration!

👉 Check out the Plug's full media guidelines here!

PRO TIP: A common reason ads are rejected is because they don't explain what the app does! Be sure to tackle this element in your custom ad submission 😉

How to submit your custom ad

Awesome sauce - you've created your ad ✨

Follow the steps below to submit your custom ad for approval:

  1. Click Submit Your Media(+)
  2. Tap the big + icon to upload your custom ad
  3. Tap the bonus toggle green to earn commission
  4. Confirm that your submission follows campaign Media Rules and Tap Next
  5. Choose your Ad Tag
  6. Upload!

When are custom ads approved?

The Plug media team reviews custom ad submissions usually within 24 hours

Monday - Friday. If the ad meets all requirements and media rules, it will be approved!

Once approved, you can access your custom ad under the campaign in the Yours tab. Remember to download the ad from the app and to always double check that the ad tag is clear and visible after posting.

Please note, if you selected the option to earn 5% commission, your ad will NOT be immediately available within the app for others yet. Our team will do some testing and if it performs well, you will be notified that the ad is also available within the app and that you'll earn 5% commission for the first month 🤑

Thoughts, comments, questions? We’re always around to help; please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or directly within your Plug app.

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