The Plug is a platform where users can monetize their followings. Where opportunities to make money exist, there will be people willing to take shortcuts and obtain funds fraudulently. As a creator, you can be a targeted for your earning potential and should be on the lookout for any of the following cases.

1. Banned Plug Creators seeking to sell their accounts

At times, there are creators that violate our policies and get caught. These creators seek alternatives to monetization by taking advantage of influencers that don't know about the plug yet and sell their social media accounts to them. They inform potential plug partners that they can monetize their following with us, and when the owners of the newly obtained social media account contacts us with hopes of joining, they are informed that we cannot approve their account for monetization because of their association with a banned account. Don't let this happen to you! Before buying a social media account please reach out to us at

2. Working with creators who drive fraudulent traffic

Please think before working with other creators/managers to find whether or not they can drive legitimate traffic. The Plug has strict policies around driving the right kind of traffic, and regularly monitors influencer accounts. If The Plug identifies that your traffic came from another creator, or an unapproved platform, and the traffic looks bad, then it is possible that your account can be disabled.

3. Responding to Instagram DMs not associated with our official account

The Plug has one official instagram account @plugapp. Any other account is not associated with us, so please do not respond to DMs unless it is from @plugapp.

4. Responding to emails not associated with The Plug

When you join The Plug, you automatically get access to fellow Plug Partners. Avoid Spear Phishing Campaigns by checking the sender address and make sure the domain is or

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