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Earning with Plug Challenges
Earning with Plug Challenges

More information on Plug Challenges.

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Challenges are a flexible and creator-friendly way to earn with the Plug! Participate in a limited time offer from a brand that can either payout in flat fees, pay per-view, or both!

Navigating Challenges

Where are the Challenges?
All Challenges are at the top of the Campaigns Tab(far left). Tap a Challenge to review the budget, brief, and instructions.

What do I need to do?

Instructions for each Challenge are different. We may ask you to follow a script, use a specific sound, media asset, etc. Please review the Challenge brief and instructions carefully to be sure your submission is more likely to be approved!


How do I get paid?

Earnings will be paid in bonuses each time you hit a new goal or complete a task. If the Challenge pays $25 for 1k views, you will earn $25 when your post passes that benchmark!

When are submissions reviewed?

We review each submission manually and the goal is to send updates as soon as possible. Wait time can vary, but it should be no more than 48 hours.

When do Challenges end?

Challenges are live for the duration of the budget. This is tracked in the Challenge details under Challenge Budget!

How many posts can I submit?

The number of submissions accepted can vary by challenge. Please note that if a social post approved for an open challenge is deleted, you cannot make new submissions.

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